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What is Production Service?

Updated: May 23

Production service involves a production company based in other country for foreign businesses. This process makes international productions more affordable and streamlined, though it's essential to partner with a company known for its quality and reliability.

Production easy, fast and affordable!

C35 Filmes is a São Paulo-based production service company that excels in high-level physical production and support services for international companies wishing to film advertising, corporate videos, films and what you need to get stunning contents in Brazil.

Why Choose C35 Filmes for Your Film Project in Brazil?

Brazil, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, however Brazil can present tough challenges for international production crews due to its bureaucracy, visa and customs regulations, vast size, infrastructure issues, and language barriers, this is where C35 Filmes comes in.

How C35 Filmes Supports Your Production?

C35 Filmes serves as your essential Brazil-based fixer and producer, adeptly navigating these challenges to ensure your production experience in Brazil is not only successful but enjoyable. Our team is committed to delivering a seamless and high-quality production process from start to finish.

by C35 Filmes

Our talented video team is supported by an extensive network of on-screen and off-screen talent. We utilize the industry's best cameras, audio equipment, lights and post-production resources to produce high-quality videos that help you achieve your business goals. Here’s what you can expect when working with our creative video production team:

  • Experienced Videographers: Skilled professionals to capture your vision with precision and creativity.

  • On-Location Video Producer: A dedicated producer on site to oversee all aspects of your project.

  • Location Scouting: Expert assistance in finding the perfect locations for your shoot within Brazil.

  • Travel-Ready Camera Crew: A complete team ready to travel and handle product shoots, live action videos, event videos, and more.

  • Post-Production Services: Comprehensive editing and post-production, whether for footage we've shot or existing footage you provide.

  • Seamless Client Collaboration: A dedicated project manager to ensure smooth communication and collaboration throughout the project.

When you partner with C35 Filmes, you gain access to a full suite of production services designed to make your international production effortless and cost-effective. We handle all the complexities, from pre-production planning and location scouting to filming and post-production, ensuring that you can focus on your creative vision.

Tell Us What You Need!

Whether you require an on-location camera crew, post-production assistance, directorial support, or scriptwriting, C35 Filmes is equipped to handle all your needs. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Transform Your Production Experience in Brazil

By choosing C35 Filmes as your production service partner, you ensure that your project is in the hands of professionals who understand the intricacies of working in Brazil. We are committed to making your production process smooth, successful, and enjoyable. Contact us today to start your next big project in Brazil!

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